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Places to Visit in Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is located in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean and it is the capital of Hawaii. The weather is always warm, and the surf is always up in tropical Honolulu. This has become a favorite holiday spot for friends of mine who own CDM Waste Management. Honolulu is Hawaii’s biggest city, and it offers the perfect mix of shopping, sports, culture, and nature all in one place. There is a lot of history to discover here with the Pearl Harbor around the corner and America’s only royal palace at its core.

Bishop Museum
Visit this museum to learn about the Polynesian voyagers who came many years before 1778 when Captain Cook dropped anchor. The first Europeans and the Native Hawaiians were drawn to the Diamond Head Volcano majestic profile.

The Crater
The locals call this place the backdrop of Lē’ahi. It is a constant reminder of Hawaii’s beginning wherever you are in the city. For a commanding view of its picture perfect coastline and its island, climb the trail to the circular rim. You can also see how Honolulu has turned to a modern urban center by going to the summit of the Aloha Tower.

Honolulu is the gathering place where locals come to do business but tourists come here for its water sports and beaches. You can sail in the harbor, stand up paddle boarding, or go swimming any day of the year. A quieter alternative to the popular Wakiki beach is the Ala Moana Beach Park. Explore the bay by renting a canoe or get surfing lessons if you start feeling active. You can buy everything from flowery local garments to upscale fashion by strolling over the boulevard.

Statue of King Kamehameha
While you are in Honolulu, don’t forget to visit the statue of the king who unified the Hawaiian Islands. Also, visit the Halekoa barracks and admire the architecture of Iolani Palace. You can try the Japanese fusion dish for lunch. The population here is largely Asian American, and this has left its mark on the culture and cuisine of the island.

Kapiolani Park
The Kapiolani Park has an attractive beach front and ancient Banyan trees. It is also home to the Honolulu Zoo, so you can take your kids to see some exotic birds.

Pearl Harbor
Set aside a day to see what is left of the US Pacific Fleet. Visit the aviation museum and pay your respects on the USS Arizona’s Memorial.

Kailua Beach
The warm waters of this beach will take your mind off any worldly affairs. You can take some shave ice to cool off.

Honolulu is a great destination in itself and a convenient stop over when going to other Hawaiian Islands.

Believe it or not – Superstitions

The world and its inhabitants tend to be curious and strange. Superstitions are possibly among the most bizarre of human ideas. An irrational believe in supernatural, spiritual powers, a believe in magic and fate. A causal relation between an action and good or bad luck. Superstitions have influenced life all over this planet for many years and even though most of them seem nothing but plain absurd, sometimes finding out about their origins helps you understand a countries people and culture.

Everybody knows a wrong present can put somebody off quite easily. Sometimes, however, it is not just a matter of taste, but also superstition. There is many countries where you should never give knives or scissors as a present, neither accept them, unless you want to get rid off that person. The sharp edge is believed to cut the bond between those people. However, there is an easy solution to the problem, simply give a penny for the knife and the gift is free of this curse.

Another difficult present, according to African superstition, is shoes. If you give someone shoes, they will walk right out of your life.

But this is not the only thing that can go wrong with shoes. If you put a pair of new shoes on a table in the UK you might cause somebodies death. Finding shoes on a table used to be a sign of a deceased minor, often a way of informing his family of the tragedy.

While the Number 13 generally does not cause an uneasy feeling in Japan and China, the Number 4 definitely does. This is due to the fact that the words 4 and death sound very similar.

Sticking your chopsticks upright into your bowl, especially when it´s a bowl of rice, is not just rude but believed to be very unlucky. At Japanese funerals, bowls of rice with chopsticks in them are placed at the altar.

In China, a long noodle means a long life. You should therefore never cut a noodle or bite it off as it may shorten your life. But be careful! Chocking on it might have the same result.

In Germany, people believe that lighting a cigarette with a candle kills a seaman. This does sound odd, however, many years ago seamen would carve match sticks while having their nets in the water, waiting for the fish. The money they made fishing often wasn’t enough to put food on the table and the additional income from selling match sticks helped them to make ends meet. So it is probably best not to use a candle, just in case.

And if you ever wonder about limes or lemons and chili on a string at the entrance of an Indian shop, the owner is trying to please “Alakshmi”, the goddess of misfortune. It is believed that she likes sour and spicy tastes and will spare those who provide it.

Of course there are many more superstitions for you to discover all around the world, so keep your eyes and ears open, don´t walk under a ladder, knock on wood and break a leg!