4 Churches with Amazing Architectural Design

Most churches from all over the globe have impressive masonry and awe-inspiring architectural designs. The usual examples are St. Basil’s Cathedral of Moscow, Russia and La Sagrada Familia of Barcelona, Spain, but there are also other cathedrals and churches that are as beautiful that are known only to some, and let us enumerate 4 of them here so read on.

Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral, Iceland
Speaking of amazing architectural design, this massive church in Reykjavik, Iceland is indeed a work of art. It is a Lutheran parish church that can be visible from miles away from the city, and is built in symmetry with the landscape of Iceland complete with the basalt columns, ice capped mountains and volcanoes. Tourists can go up the bell tower on an elevator and get the best view of the icy city and the surrounding countryside.

Cathedral of Saint Mary of Neviges, Germany
This Catholic Church in Neviges, Germany is a very unusual place of worship. Instead of the traditional high arching domes and pillars and stained glass windows, this cathedral designed by Gottfried Bohm is full of sharp edges, thrilling geometries and thick concretes, and undoubtedly, a Brutalist masterpiece. The eccentric design on the outside corresponds to the angular and unconventionally beautiful indoor design. This great church for pilgrimage has a seating capacity of 800 but standing capacity of up to 2,200.

Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of Glory, Brazil
This towering 407 feet Roman Catholic Cathedral in Maringa, Brazil is the tallest church in the whole South America. The distinctive, conical and modernist design is said to be inspired from the sputnik satellites of Soviet. Inside the church is a 7 meter tall wooden crucifix places on the side of the altar. An observatory is open to the public but you must climb a total of 482 steps to go up the 14th floor of this cone tower. Although the windows are small, you can still see the birds-eye view of the city.

St. George’s Church, Ethiopia
What can be more amazing than a rock-cut house of worship? Yes, this proud structure is hewn out of a colossal volcanic rock. The wonders of medieval era made this beauty possible, they excavated this large mass of a rock and great stone masonry set to work from inside out. The designs may not be as intricate but the whole structure was meant to be a symmetrical crucifix form which is around 12 meters high. Since the whole church is under the ground, you have to descend it through a maze of tunnels and a trench.